Innovative Labs of K. R. Mangalam World School

Laboratories are well-equipped at the K. R. Mangalam World School. Children are allowed to use these laboratories to conduct experiments in addition to learning through academics. Focusing on the essential principles helps to reinforce the information gathered in theory classes. It helps students understand how to use lab equipment. Furthermore, it teaches children the value of direct observation vs inference based on theory. It aids students in the development of a wide range of fundamental skills, particularly experimental and analytical abilities.

Following are the lab facilities available at the K. R. Mangalam World School –

  1. Composite Science Lab – In a Composite Lab, all of the components of Chemistry, Physics, and Biology are brought together in one room. The composite lab is incredibly practical in design due to its very purpose. At K. R. Mangalam World School labs, safety is paramount, and this is no exception in a composite lab.

  2. Computer Lab – The computer lab is where the students are taught how to use computers, by a trained computer teacher. Teachers can also utilize the lab with their students to conduct research or create technology-based assignments.

  3. Robotics Lab – The school’s Robotics Lab is advanced with the most up-to-date electrical devices for creating and executing robotic systems. Processors, motors, controllers, and sensors are all part of it. Experiential learning is provided at the Lab through hands-on and interesting activities.

  4. Mathematics Lab – The mathematics laboratory is a space that has a variety of tools and teaching/learning aids that are used to assist children to grasp topics through meaningful, engaging, and tangible exercises.

  5. Biology Lab – The school has a state-of-the-art Biology Laboratory with cutting-edge equipment. A range of activities is carried out in the Biology Lab to develop scientific temperament and observation abilities, as well as encourage inquisitiveness. Students are encouraged to investigate and apply what they’ve learned to the world around them.

  6. Chemistry Lab – Students may perform experiments autonomously in the most modern and completely equipped lab. The Faculty is well-equipped with contemporary amenities such as overhead projectors, laptops, and internet access, all of which contribute to a positive learning environment.

  7. Physics Lab – The Physics lab can assist a student in determining the applicability of theory learned in the classroom. It clarifies the fundamental understanding of the topic in the minds of the learners. Students are aware of the distinction between theory and practice.

  8. Commerce Lab – The Commerce laboratory is a novel idea in which students put their academic knowledge from the classroom into reality. In addition, students are conducting an increasing number of experiments. In the laboratory, mock commerce and commercial operations are carried out.

  9. Psychology Lab – The school’s Psychology lab is equipped with essential materials, psychological evaluations, and tools for giving training in conducting psychological studies and developing the skills necessary for delivering and interpreting various types of psychological examinations.

  10. Social Science Lab – The ambiance of the social studies laboratory will aid students in learning more about the subject. As a result, the particular room will have a psychological effect on the youngster, motivating him or her to pay greater attention to the subject. Models, samples, drawings, maps, globes, and a variety of photos linked to History, Geography, and Civics may be found at our school.

  11. Maker’s Chamber Lab – The Maker’s Chamber Lab is the only space in school where any student, teacher, or staff person could be swiftly trained to use the tools. It is also a place where a group of students from several fields can collaborate effortlessly.

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