Extracurricular activities assist students in learning about themselves as well as developing and applying their skills and knowledge in a variety of settings. Your kid will meet students from all backgrounds and develop transferrable skills such as communication, teamwork, organization, problem-solving, and time management by participating. It will also boost your child’s self-confidence!

All students of the class are expected to participate in the planning and implementation of projects as part of the activities designed for their growth. To do this, students establish workgroups in which they participate based on their interests and abilities acquired throughout their life. Teamwork, Competence, Maturity, Compassion, Unity, and Relationships are among them.

Self-knowledge and intellectual growth, sociability and effective interpersonal relations, emotional behavior, inclusivity, life goals, values, and vision are the six dimensions of human development that our programs aim to deliver to every student. These non-academic areas are often overlooked as communities strive to interpret education, yet they play an important role for teachers and students.

Every student of KRMWS, who is engaged in a variety of experiences rather than being focused mainly on book-learning will grow and mature to flourish socially, emotionally, and professionally in an interconnected and dynamic society.

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