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Highly renowned for its quality education, K.R. Mangalam World School is among the top schools in Faridabad for its emphasis on providing the best education right from the early education days and giving a glimpse of a bright future which is only possible when you have a good education platform in place. Being the best School in Faridabad, K.R. Mangalam World School understands that a good education at the foundational level makes all the difference and sets the tone for good years ahead. For its brilliant education system with all the elements to ensure the overall development of its students, K.R. Mangalam World School is one of the best schools in Delhi NCR, producing geniuses of tomorrow.

The purpose is to provide the groundwork for each child to become a lifelong learner, to equip each child to be self-sufficient, to maximize preparedness for future school experiences, and to encourage family-centered education. Welcome to the exciting world of renowned teaching and learning at the best school in Faridabad!



Our Excellence Framework promotes a universal and simulative approach to the CBSE curriculum design we follow. We intend to improve the learning experience, skills, and attainment of discipline for all students. Our curricula, teaching practices, assessments are based on cultivating vital skills like innovation, problem-solving, creativity, etc., which are essential for success in this competitive world. Our role is to culminate every student’s overall development.

Skill Based Learning

Skill Based Learning

Effective and purpose-driven skill-based learning enables students to think smartly and logically. Not only does it enhance creativity, but it assists in overall development; students are taught to apply knowledge in innovative ways.

Community Service

Community Service

Through Service, students are given an opportunity to work with diverse people. It helps to develop social-awareness and interpersonal skills and learn empathy.

Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning

Through Experiential Learning, students relate knowledge and theory to practice. An immersive, participant-centered, active learning technique that engages learners in an emotionally satisfying learning experience.



A creative and all-inclusive approach to teach multiple skills across arts, engineering, mathematics, reading, science, and technology, helping students tackle challenging problems and preparing them to become leaders of tomorrow.

Visual/Performing Arts

Visual/Performing Arts

The richness of music, dance, drawing, pottery and drama accelerates the development of children and helps develop their intellectual, auditory, sensory, speech, and motor skills. A non-traditional approach that engages students to feel and understand the concept.

Physical Programme

Physical Programme

Sports and other physical excursions assist in building character, developing strategic and analytical thinking, leadership skills, and gaining knowledge about a healthy lifestyle.

Teaching Learning Pedagogy

Through active cycles of inquiry, participation, and reflection, we hope to alter teachers and students as they develop. Teachers help students develop the learning styles they need for success academically and personally by encouraging and supporting them. The diverse ways individuals work together to achieve meaning and interpret the world are celebrated in KRMWS learning and teaching.


The path towards a successful Academic Journey becomes easy when there’s an incredibly supportive guidance associated with the student.

Every student needs the guidance of a highly skillful and constantly growing educational institution. Awarded by Education Today for being the Best CBSE School in Faridabad, we take your ward to an incredibly experiential journey towards learning.

Activity based curriculum to enhance thinking skills and develop learning objectives.

Comprehensive education to impart practical knowledge and enhances understanding of the world.

In depth concept knowledge for intensive and critical thinking.

Result oriented teaching imparting practical and academic knowledge.



Arnav Sharma

My son Arnav Sharma is studying in KRM Faridabad since 2018. Now he is in Class XI.Our experience at KRM has been exceptional. The teachers are truly invested in my child’s education and his growth as a learner. Adjustments are made as needed to meet the needs of the student. Small class sizes and leveled learning have enabled my child to gain confidence in his learning abilities. The administration, led by the Principal, is very open minded and think outside the box to make KRM a successful educational experience for the students. KRM is committed to the whole child. They teach value lessons, communication, and leadership skills. Patriotism is also present in their activities. KRM Education has been a very positive experience for our family.

Tarun Sharma F/o Arnav Sharma


Abner Jacob

My son ABNER JACOB is studying in K. R. Mangalam since 2018. He is XIth class student. School has a good sports facility; all requirements of the athletes can be taken care. School organizes weekly activities for every class that helps in development of children listening, coordination, thinking, communication and other skills. School also provides a stage to all student for expressing their thoughts and talents. School principal is very open about new concepts and innovative ideas. She and all teachers are very approachable. Abner got good direct guidance and help from them at various occasions. As per RTE norms students in the class get good attention of each teacher. Principal is a role model to Abner and many students and teachers.

Sylvia Jacob m/o Abner Jacob

XI – A

Naitik Pandey

We got our son admitted in 2018 in class 2, now he studying in class 5. Our experience with school -Teaching with care, learning with books(standard and school) and activities (in house/outdoor), yearly calendar in advance, continuous assessment, subjects-syllabus, active collaborations and encouragements with various Olympiads, encouraging children to join  to specific events, webinars, storytelling etc. from prominent people/entities in the fields makes the school best.

Devendra Pandey F/o Naitik Pandey


Aryan Adit Pandey

Despite this covid situation and online classes. We are totally aware of the effort you put into each child in your class. We are glad to see my son Aryan Pandey progressing well in KR. MANGALAM WORLD SCHOOL, Faridabad. We are thankful for giving special attention and going above and beyond for our son. Your structured and methodical teaching has really helped him succeed. We understand you have set high expectations for him and we think he’ll meet them

Rashmi Pandey m/o Aryan Adit Pandey



Raas or Dandiya Raas is the traditional folk dance form of..

Raas or Dandiya Raas is the traditional folk dance form of..

Candle, lights, lamps, home filled with the smell of delicious..

Candle, lights, lamps, home filled with the smell of delicious..

Aashvi of Nursery from K.R.Mangalam World School Faridabad celebrating birthday of..

Aashvi of Nursery from K.R.Mangalam World School Faridabad celebrating birthday of..


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