Examination Rules

  • Early dispersal is not allowed on examination days.
  • In case of sickness, the child should not report to school for appearing in Unit Test/Examinations. The student is required to submit a Medical Certificate of a Government hospital falling which grades will not be awarded. it is mandatory to appear for all Monday/Periodic Test and the Term End Exams.
  • it is mandatory for each student to give Pen & Paper, Non Pen & Paper Tests and the Term End Exams conducted by the school. However, if a student misses his Monday/Periodic test/ Term End Exam on account of illness/emergency, then he/she will be allowed to appear only once for the retests during each term.
  • students who are absent for any test/exam (either in term I or Term II) shall not be eligible for the subject Topper (of that particular subject) and the class topper proficiency award.
  • As per the C.B.S.E. rules, students studying in Grades IX-XII need to have a minimum 75% attendance in both the terms.

Promotion Policy

For Nursery – Grade VIII
The school follows the no detention policy till Grade VIII.

For Grades IX -X
Promotion is subject to the rules laid down by CBSE
Each student is required to secure a minimum of 33% marks in each of the five subjects in the overall result. In case the student is not able to pass in a subject, he will be given only one retest for that subject.
In case the child fails in any of the retest, he/she will be detained in Grade IX.

For Grades XI-XII
Promotion is subject to the rules laid down by CBSE.
Each student is required to secure a minimum of 33% marks in each of the five subjects (Theory and Practical component separately) in the First and Second Term as well.
If a student secures less than 33% marks in more than one subject in final result, it would lead to detention in Grade XI.

School Timings

School Rules

Code of Conduct

Guidelines for Parents

Medical Guidance

School Merit Awards

Result Award
Average grade points- 8.8 & above (Grade IV & V) Scholar badge
84% above (Grade VI & X) Scholar badge
80% above (Grade XI) Scholar badge
Scholar badge for 3 consecutive years Super Scholar badge
Scholar badge for 6 consecutive years Super Scholar badge & blue tie
Scholar badge for 8 consecutive years Chairman’s Medal

Merit Scholarship

A merit scholarship is a scholarship awarded to students based on their excellence in different fields such as academics, sports, and art. A student has to show exemplary performance in a particular area to get the scholarship.

Students are eligible for a merit scholarship so long as they have excellent performance in the required fields. Merit-based scholarships encourage students to perform in their talent areas. Be it academics, sports, music, dance, drama, theatre, poetry, or debate – it encourages students to step up and thrive in their interest areas.

‍Moreover, merit-based scholarships allow students to interact with students who are also excelling in the same skills. Be it sports or studies, music or debate, you get the opportunity to perfect your skills through meaningful challenge and competition. Therefore, students get the best exposure in their field of excellence when competing for merit scholarships

Winning a scholarship brings a lot of self-pride and confidence to a student. A merit-based scholarship helps students believe in their abilities, which motivates them to work hard and achieve their goals.

Grade Result Award
V-VII Topper of the class ₹ 500 P.M.
VIII-IX Topper of the class ₹ 600 P.M.
X-XI Topper of the class ₹ 1000 P.M.

A sum of ₹ 1000 will be given to the student who scores good rank in All India Competitive Exam/Sports at the discretion of the principal.

If a student wishes to withdraw from the school, the transfer certificate will be issued on one month’s written notice by the parent or payment of one month’s fee in lieu thereof. Admission fee will not be refunded in any case.

If a student is absent without any reason for more than 6 days, his/her name may be struck off the school rolls.

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