Ms. Mukta Bakshi



Education comes from the Latin word ‘Educhere’ which means to bring out from within. Gone are the days when the students sat at a “Gurukul” in mute adoration of the teacher’s eloquence and knowledge delivered entirely in a monologue. A new era of a healthy dialogue between the teacher and the taught has been ushered in. A participatory method in pedagogy is being advocated. Each day would then add a new experience to the child’s profile and give him/her the opportunity to meet and accomplish new challenges and goals. The modern-day teacher should not therefore confine himself/herself to the limitations of the famous definition of a teacher namely, a ‘friend, philosopher and a guide’, but go beyond and be a facilitator as well. Teachers need to be entertainers as well, for students get so grossly involved when they are entertained. A teacher is required to identify the various needs of a child and weave the teaching methodology around those needs.

The participation does not stop with the teacher and the taught but goes beyond the class room. An extended relationship is being established with the parents, who are now considered partners in the bringing up of the children. To comprehend correctly, the complexity and the composition of teaching is the name of the game. The term “Flipped class room” applies to the extended learning that happens at home. When a child goes up on to a podium or goes up to receive a prize, more often than not, the hard work of a parent behind the scene is what is evident.

We here at K R Mangalam World School, Faridabad, would like to therefore foster this relationship and find new ways and means with which to aid the children in their journey towards scaling dizzier heights. Teaching and learning is indeed a process and one cannot hope for miracles. It should be a learning process not only for the children but also for the teachers and the parents in general. We very often make the mistake of measuring the children with our yard
stick. When this is done, the child is seen to fall short generally. But if we were to measure the children with their own yard sticks, we will find that they have over shot the expectations.

It will always be our earnest endeavour to provide a conducive atmosphere for learning. Education in the real sense of the word is to foster a wholesome development in a child. When the children pass through the portals of this institution, we will ensure that they do so as harmoniously developed individuals ready to deal with any situation that this world may deem to throw before them.

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